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underage, taken 2019-03-11 || Canon Canon EOS REBEL T2i | 27mm | 1/200s @ f/8

Mikaela stepped up to the counter. Could she get away with ordering a drink? She looked 21—at least that's what her friends had always said. She never really cared to try. But tonight, on this date with an older man (Jess would be livid!) she felt like she had to try.

"What was it he'd said he wanted?" She thought. "Anchor Breeze?" She looked at the beer spigots with all of their crazy handles... This was not going to be easy.

"What can I get you?" she heard, somehow too slowly and too fast at the same time. "Anchor," she said, with a quick little nod. Easy.

"Sure. Can I see some ID?"